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Our nation was founded on the principle that each human being has certain inalienable rights. So while equality, justice, and freedom of the individual are written in the constitution, Americans still owned slaves.

Our transgressions against the values of the constitution have continued to this very day. We have progressed past many ills, but we remain the same infallible human beings.

America and Britain’s history of imperialism and colonization are unmatched. We have harmed. We remain irrefutably flawed. Our country and its corporations have terrorized, ignored, and trampled upon Native Americans, African Americans, and Central America, to name a few…

Padme from Revenge of the Sith

It’s been a long week, so I decided to take a moment to forget about things and enjoy some good old fashion TV. I don’t have cable since TV isn’t my thing, but Amazon Prime is. I turned on my Xbox and immediately flipped through movies and television shows. I grazed a couple of titles, but my interest was apathetic at best.

Then, I had a bright idea…I haven’t seen my favorite movie in a while: Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith. As I watched the opening battle scene, I wondered why people hated this film so much?

It truly…

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Our movement and change through time and space are fundamental characteristics of what it means to be alive. Imagine a world where everything was still, no time, no past, no future, nothing.

Without movement and change, absolutely nothing would exist. As much as the entropy of change eventually dooms us all, it also gives us life. There is no life without movement. There’s no life without change, time, and space.

The stars and planets give an overwhelming perspective on movement, change, space, and time. It’s fundamental to how we live our lives. Look at your watch. Have you ever wondered…

A description of how we exchange knowledge and information.

Most logical fallacies have more to do with formal arguments and less to do with how we communicate with each other daily. There are simple words and ideas used in our everyday speech that have a significant impact on our interpretations, perceptions, and decision-making.

Listed below are a few of those terms. Understanding or reviewing these terms will give you a slight edge while watching the news, attending a meeting, or discussing world events with your loved ones. I chose these terms because I’m often involved in situations in which these definitions could come in handy.

Below are the terms…

Overview of how you can get the most out of Facebook Ads.

The word “optimization” is a very vague term used by many people in the digital marketing industry. The question that hangs in the air with many management teams is, “what exactly does it mean to “optimize” a digital marketing campaign?”

Well, I could be spilling the beans here, but I’m going to pull back the lid on what we mean when we say we are “optimizing” a campaign. Usually, optimization of a Facebook Ads campaign consists of three main areas of interest: optimizing placements and networks, bids and budgets, and ad creatives.


  • Optimizing Placements and Networks
  • Optimizing Budgets and…

Most information is a curated reality packaged to sell, not packaged to inform you, solve problems or empower the people you love.

The internet allows anyone, anywhere, to record, communicate or convey information at any time. Although this in itself is revolutionary, it’s not without its pitfalls. The internet is reeling with misinformation. There are groups such as Q-Anon and flat earth theorists who have genuinely abandoned reality for far-fetched conspiracies. Grifters and snake-oil salespeople are more than willing to tell you what you want to hear for the enormously high price of your attention, likes, comments, and feeding the beasts we call algorithms.

The truth is that we are in an infantile stage of the information age, the wild wild west…

Tips for navigating the tabloid-style news media and the paroles of online media.

Fear is at an all-time high in our society. Inflamed fear has caused us to cease to have the relevant conversations that address serious issues such as racism, poverty, and police brutality. Instead, we have opted into primitive problem-solving methods such as race batting, demonization, burning witches, burning books, and good ole fashioned tribalism.

In many ways, the problem AND the solution lie somewhere between the intricate relationship of the internet, social media, the news media, and how we interact with these entities. These are all areas in which we receive and disseminate information.

Over time these areas have been…

How we could be looking at the world with only half the story.

As a child, I quickly became aware of my talents as an artist. I drew to my heart’s content, representing my thoughts and imagination with paintings and drawings. I won tons of art contests in high school, designed my school’s logo, and received a full art scholarship upon graduating.

You can say that I was fully empowered my the right side of my brain. We understand that imagination, visualization, intuition, and the arts are the right brain products, while the left features linear thinking, logic, facts, and mathematics.

I’m sure traditional wisdom will tell you that both paradigms are essential…

Breakdown of social media best practices

Social media has grown over the past decade as one of the most consistent aspects of our everyday lives. We are a social species, so this fact alone places social media at the center of a good number of our interactions with each other. But what exactly IS social media, and is marketing on social media the right choice for your organization? And finally, if your organization chooses to market on social media, what are some steps to get started?

Social media refers to any internet or mobile-based platform that enables social interaction between two or more parties. The dialogue…

Our little mechanical boxes are not only watching back, they own us mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

This isn’t a subtle claim, and I want to clear in the seriousness I speak. Also, this isn’t some grand conspiracy, but much worst. It’s only an inevitable consequence of our human nature. We are too smart for our own good.

Every day, we are inundated with information on levels never seen before in our short history as a species. …

Quincy Bingham

Founder The Solar Republic | Black INTP | Critical Thinker, Digital Marketer, and Space Enthusiast. |

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