Tips for navigating the tabloid-style news media and the paroles of online media.

Thinking Independently has its Costs.

“If I ain’t have the keys to success, I would have picked the lock” — Lil Wayne

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Our Beliefs Shape the World Around Us.

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Thoughts on why school has not moved our society forward.

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Youtube’s TrueView for Action ads driving action, the next step from engagement and awareness.

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Everyone is on YouTube

Divide and conquer is an age-old, but extremely effective tactic

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Prevailing narratives more oftentimes than not, collide with reality, real-world experiences, and “miseducation” or learning and growth outside of the failing education system.

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Quincy Bingham

Founder The Solar Republic | Black INTP | Critical Thinker, Digital Marketer, and Space Enthusiast. |

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