The Close of a Rough Year. Do You Feel the Fear Yet?

If you read this your heresy will not go unpunished.

As 2020 came to a close, I would like to say it was an adventure, and despite everything that went down, I’m grateful.

They said silence is violence, so I said everything I felt I needed to say regarding what I believe was the height of cultural and systemic fearmongering, propaganda, and delusion. Usually, I’m a guy who loves to wait for things to play out and only comment if I have to.

Last year I couldn’t. The national narrative driven by the national news media forced me into the conversation by those who used my skin color and my culture to feed me lies and threaten my way of life as an American. You can hate it or love it, that’s my life, and that’s my paradigm. Like my mom, I have a distinct disdain for those who lie to me, and I was “activated,” as it were.

As I’ve said before, I dont care for politics and still believe tribalism will denigrate our society, our nation, and possibly the human race.

That’s why when I hear or see Trump supporters online asking for me and others to still “believe,” they get nothing but an eye roll from me. Trump lost the election. He will not be president. Get over it. It’s time to move on.

Since I voted for Trump, I get asked the question all of the time: “Are you a Republican now?” This question is so 1999 and screams, “I have no idea what’s going on in our country.”

Let me clarify for the people in the back. I don’t blindly support any political party. Never will. I dont consider myself a part of any of those groups, even though I increasingly have more in common with many ideas right of center, such as school choice, lower taxes, opening things back up, voter ids, and other views. These ideas don’t make me conservative since conservatives have a host of ideas I have issues with.

We have been using archaic means to communicate or articulate ideas. For example, I believe that marriage and having a father in the home plays a crucial part in a black child’s success. My life experience and all available data points to this fact. I also dont like the idea of abortion. No one should. You are taking a human life. Do I sound conservative?

I would never push for any governing body to legislate these issues. It would be criminal for a government to tell a woman what to do with her body or force couples to remain together for their children’s sake. So now I’m liberal?

No. Nothing I said was political, those are just things I believe about my community and are subject to change as I learn and grow. Am I allowed to learn and grow? Are WE allowed to learn, grow and change?

I’m just a person who thinks for myself and is genuinely interested in solving problems, not regurgitating political propaganda. Too many issues are being outsourced to lazy ideology, politics, and power…and too many issues are going unsolved, especially in the black community.

So as far as politics…

I think Zuby said it best:

90% of my political philosophy is

  • leave me alone
  • dont hurt people
  • dont take people’s stuff
  • leave me alone

It took a virus with a 99.98% survival rate to bring out everyone’s true colors, including mine. I’m thankful. Now I have a better understanding of where I belong in the world even if some people now find me more difficult to understand. My door is always open to conversation.

We will never solve problems if we continue to larp around as self-righteous ideologies seeking to demonize and overpower those who share dissimilar viewpoints while others cower in fear. That’s not how we learn, grow and progress.

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