Tips for navigating the tabloid-style news media and the paroles of online media.

Fear is at an all-time high in our society. Inflamed fear has caused us to cease to have the relevant conversations that address serious issues such as racism, poverty, and police brutality. Instead, we have opted into primitive problem-solving methods such as race batting, demonization, burning witches, burning books, and good ole fashioned tribalism.

In many ways, the problem AND the solution lie somewhere between the intricate relationship of the internet, social media, the news media, and how we interact with these entities. These are all areas in which we receive and disseminate information.

Over time these areas have been…

Thinking Independently has its Costs.

I have been carefully weighing my words in public because for the first time, I’m frightened.

I’m frightened because of my real thoughts, ideas, and experience don’t match what I keep hearing every day. All I can do is focus on spending time with my family and making sure I do what I can for them.

While I hear the prevailing narrative on social media, the national news media, and colleges about racism, systemic racism, and white privilege, my primary concerns remain the things I can control, the choices I make, and what ideas I allow to take up space…

A Look at What Could Ultimately Dismantle our Society.

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You’ve probably never heard of Critical Race Theory, just as you have probably never heard of a car “governor”. Both are all around you. Both are well integrated into your daily life.

Critical Race Theory states that racism is ingrained in every aspect of our society and exists independently of the individual racist. Terms and phrases such as “white privilege” and “black people can’t be racist” originate from this theory.

Critical Race Theory sees our society as nothing more than the power dynamics of the oppressed and oppressors. Bad actors of the oppressed race are condoned since they are not…

Written in 2003 as a Commentary on the Iraq War and How A Population can be Persuaded By False Narratives

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Never before in my lifetime have I been so intrigued by the nation in which I was born, a proud and prosperous nation, full of opportunity. Diverse and rich in culture, the United States of America has led the world through this new booming age of technological growth and scientific achievement. America’s democracy has been a cornerstone and

model for nations around the globe. But sadly, morality has not been a strong point. The question of truth and honesty is a tricky subject for Americans to face.

Truth or tradition?

This age-old question lingers in the dark shadows of our…

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Below are additional astronomical terms that will acquaint you with the world of stargazing and astronomy.

Obliquity or an axial tilt is the angle between an astronomical object’s equatorial plane and orbital plane. The Earth’s axial tilt is 23.44°. This means that the Earth’s equator is at a 23.44° angular distance from the ecliptic. Obliquity is the cause of seasons on Earth. During the summer months, the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun and vice versa via during the winter months.

Transit: A transit is when a celestial body passes directly between a larger body and the observer…

We just can’t seem to get enough of ourselves.

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Our nation was founded on the principle that each human being has certain inalienable rights. So while equality, justice, and freedom of the individual are written in the constitution, Americans still owned slaves.

Our transgressions against the values of the constitution have continued to this very day. We have progressed past many ills, but we remain the same infallible human beings.

America and Britain’s history of imperialism and colonization are unmatched. We have harmed. We remain irrefutably flawed. Our country and its corporations have terrorized, ignored, and trampled upon Native Americans, African Americans, and Central America, to name a few…

Padme from Revenge of the Sith

It’s been a long week, so I decided to take a moment to forget about things and enjoy some good old fashion TV. I don’t have cable since TV isn’t my thing, but Amazon Prime is. I turned on my Xbox and immediately flipped through movies and television shows. I grazed a couple of titles, but my interest was apathetic at best.

Then, I had a bright idea…I haven’t seen my favorite movie in a while: Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith. As I watched the opening battle scene, I wondered why people hated this film so much?

It truly…

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Our movement and change through time and space are fundamental characteristics of what it means to be alive. Imagine a world where everything was still, no time, no past, no future, nothing.

Without movement and change, absolutely nothing would exist. As much as the entropy of change eventually dooms us all, it also gives us life. There is no life without movement. There’s no life without change, time, and space.

The stars and planets give an overwhelming perspective on movement, change, space, and time. It’s fundamental to how we live our lives. Look at your watch. Have you ever wondered…

A description of how we exchange knowledge and information.

Most logical fallacies have more to do with formal arguments and less to do with how we communicate with each other daily. There are simple words and ideas used in our everyday speech that have a significant impact on our interpretations, perceptions, and decision-making.

Listed below are a few of those terms. Understanding or reviewing these terms will give you a slight edge while watching the news, attending a meeting, or discussing world events with your loved ones. I chose these terms because I’m often involved in situations in which these definitions could come in handy.

Below are the terms…

If you read this your heresy will not go unpunished.

As 2020 came to a close, I would like to say it was an adventure, and despite everything that went down, I’m grateful.

They said silence is violence, so I said everything I felt I needed to say regarding what I believe was the height of cultural and systemic fearmongering, propaganda, and delusion. Usually, I’m a guy who loves to wait for things to play out and only comment if I have to.

Last year I couldn’t. The national narrative driven by the national news media forced me into the conversation by those who used my skin color and my…

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